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Panacea for Lock picking
Crystal Lake Locksmith is no stranger to the Panacea, which is a lock pick gun. When used properly by a trained professional at Crystal Lake Locksmith it works by creating a sharp impact with pin tumbler lock. When these locks are “at rest”, top pins cross the sheet line, and the shear line must be clear before the lock will turn. When the correct key is put into the lock, all the top pins are pushed into the shell, leaving the shear line clear. If the wrong keys are used, or misused, the top and bottom pins cross the shear line. An experienced professional at Crystal Lake Locksmith can show you how to use a panacea or will try and use one if you have the proper lock.

A Crystal Lake Locksmith panacea bounces the pins by a hardened steel needle striking all of the bottom pins at once, and the impact is transferred to the top pin. The springs are weak and this overrides them. In this moment the Crystal Lake Locksmith is picking the lock and it can now be turned. Don’t trust anybody but a Crystal Lake Locksmith with a panacea because if they aren’t qualified to use it, it could break the lock, especially if used on the wrong type of lock.

Crystal Lake Locksmith

A lock pin gun doesn’t work on a wafer tumbler lock because they don’t have top and bottom pins, but a Crystal Lake Locksmith can occasionally open one of these locks with a panacea, only if the Crystal Lake Locksmith first uses a pick needle to pick the lock conventionally. Lock pick guns destroy wafer locks very easily, so only a trained professional like an employee at Crystal Lake Locksmith should use a panacea and many Crystal Lake Locksmith employees will not use one at all.

A pin tumbler lock is generally found in a house lock and a wafer tumbler is generally used for an automobile. A panacea, with the skilled hands of a Crystal Lake Locksmith can accomplish what conventional lock pics cannot. Resistant pins that defy conventional picking techniques can be bounced by a Crystal Lake Locksmith using a lock pick gun.

The Crystal Lake Locksmith must go through a specialized training program offered at Crystal Lake Locksmith because using the lock pin gun requires precision, a delicate touch, excellent timing and most importantly: practice. Crystal Lake Locksmith doesn’t want an amateur Crystal Lake locksmith accidentally breaking your lock because they are inexperienced. They should be considered by Crystal Lake Locksmith as a potentially destructive tool. Pin tumblers are made of brass and when a key is used by you, there is little wear, but the lock pick gun has a sharp edge and when it slams into the pin, it leaves a dent and no matter how well trained the Crystal Lake Locksmith is, it can take 10-15 attempts to get the lock to open, making it harder to get the key in and out of the lock.

A panacea can also unintentionally break locks apart internally and then they need to be fixed or replaced by a Crystal Lake Locksmith. The damage they cause is not easy for a non-professional to fix and generally requires the work of a Crystal Lake Locksmith. A lock pin gun can be a valid tool for a Crystal Lake Locksmith, but they are rarely used. Other methods Crystal Lake Locksmith are trained in are much better ways of picking locks.